As a by-product from the meat industry, leather has become one of the best-used materials by mankind for ages. Whether used to protect their feet, to keep their bodies warm, or as a fashion statement, humans brought leather all the way to the 21st century.

We continuously innovate by implementing the best available technologies to develop leather processing chemicals. We support tanneries all over the world to deliver the consumers the products of their desire, today as well as tomorrow.


Smit & Zoon, a 7th generation family-owned company, always focuses on the next generations. We are proud to be one of the leaders in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and are pleased to share with you Smit & Zoon’s latest CSR report. It profiles our achievements in our three CSR focus areas: Footprint, Safety & Health and Catalysing. The report covers our environmental and social performance for the past year and outlines our CSR ambition of playing a catalysing role in making the leather value chain largely sustainable by 2025.

Purpose of this CSR report

Smit & Zoon considers transparency in the leather value chain important to accelerate improvements. With this report, we show our commitment, current status, challenges and future plans with regard to Corporate Social Responsibility. This CSR report supports the communication to our stakeholders, including employees, suppliers, NGO’s, leather manufacturers and fashion brands.

Automotive & Aviation

We understand the needs for sustainability and durability for end-users in aviation and automotive.


Whether the look is antique, classic or modern, we offer a complete package of solutions from pelt to finished leather.


We understand the needs for sustainability and durability for end-users in fashion.

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