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Synthol IP 333

Exceptional fullness and above-average intensity of colour

The leather chemical Synthol IP 333 gives exceptional fullness and above-average intensity of colour. Suitable applications include: bag leather, buffalo upholstery, milled shoe upper.


Synthol IP 333 does not possess the common tendency to slacken the fibres and, in consequence, reduce the leather’s fullness. Instead, Synthol IP 333 provides leathers of exceptional fullness and simultaneous high inner
softness. Synthol IP 333 is suitable for the softest milled articles.
In addition, Synthol IP 333 particularly lubricates and softens the grain. This property makes it ideal for fatliquoring hides that by nature have a harder grain such as buffalo upholstery leathers.
Synthol IP 333 does not bleach the dyeing, with full and brilliant shades resulting. Uniformity Visual observations of the leathers fatliquored with Synthol IP 333 demonstrate uniform fullness in all parts. This results is an upgrading of the
overall leather appearance and can lead to an improvement of the cutting yield.

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