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Synthol UF 737

Synthol UF 737

All-in–one fatliquor for upper and bag leathers

The leather chemical Synthol UF 737 is a all-in-one fatliquor for upper and bag leathers. Suitable applications include bag leathers and shoe upper.


Synthol UF 737 reduces the product variation in your stock and recipe. Synthol UF 737 reduces the number of drums and containers in the weighing area. Synthol UF 737 is used as a single fatliquor for articles as diverse as classic upper leathers and milling nappas. It is used for bovine, sheep and goat leathers. The degree of softness is adjusted by merely altering the amounts of fatliquor applied. Synthol UF 737 combines deep inner softening with a strong lubrication of the outer area. Grain tightness and handle are uniform in all areas. Neck wrinkles are flattened and less pronounced. Through it’s special composition Synthol UF 737 does not adversely influence grain tightness when applied in higher quantities. The leathers can be milled for any time needed. Synthol UF 737 is very suitable for all buffed articles such as nubucks and suedes.

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