Quality and Compliance

General declarations

Compliant products
Up to date General Declarations on several topics can be downloaded below:

Quality Assurance

ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certified
Providing our customers a constant high quality is secured via sound management systems, vendor rating, traceability and quality checks in various stages throughout the production process.
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Quality Declaration

A long term quality policy
Providing constant high quality products and service, today and tomorrow, is the central focus within Smit & zoon. This has been described in our long term quality policy focusing on three quality targets:
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Safe leathers for the customer
Our customers can rely on a safe usage of our products in their processes with detailed instruction documentation. Leather made with our products complies to the most strict RSL’s (Restricted Substance Lists) and thus secure leathers safe for the consumer.
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Legal Requirements

Safe and worry-free supply
Our customers can rely on us complying with all applicable legal requirements like for example GHS labeling and REACh. The latest regulations are closely monitored to secure a safe and worry-free supply to our customers.
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