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About Smit & zoon Wet-end

Smit & zoon Wet-end develops, manufactures and markets a full range of fatliquors and retanning agents for the leather processing industry.

Professionalism, passion and know-how are leading values in our company that support us in the search for innovative and sustainable techniques in order to present proposals to even the most demanding customers, as well as in our continuous commitment to improve and reach new and ambitious goals.

Smit & zoon Wet-end serves clients in various industries, including automotive, shoe, garment and upholstery. With its own sales network and branded products, Smit & zoon Wet-end reaches all continents, allowing to establish itself as a major player in the field of wet-end performance chemicals.

Our dedicated experts ensure you have exactly the wet-end performance chemicals you need in your leather manufacturing process. They are always ready to assist you, so please contact us!

What’s in our name

A 7th generation family owned long term focused company
The name Smit & zoon stands for a professional, flexible and global approach achieving success by being loyal to it’s customers, it’s personnel and it’s principles. This family company has a long and stable history commanding respect and guaranteeing a continuation of it’s sustainable policy towards the future.
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Leather Chemicals

Leather is our passion. It is the essence of what we do.
Nothing beats a luxury armchair or a pair of handmade shoes for sheer comfort and pleasure. We are proud to be a part of that experience.
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The Netherlands

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