BioMax BP 088L

100% bio-based phenolic hybrid retanning agent


For a medium-soft and round handle. Low bisphenol content. Full handle without altering the character of the leather
  • Contributes to tight grained leathers
  • Provides a homogeneous uptake and promotes the intensity and evenness of dying
  • High light- and heat fastness profile and low in emissions

BioMax BP088L is part of Smit’s Renewability range


Beet pulp as an alternative to chemical ingredients
The new 100% biobased product BioMax BP 088L is the result of the cooperation with Wageningen Food & Biobased Research and Royal Cosun. The BioMax BP 088L serves as a substitute for fossil fuel-based and non-biodegradable polymers in chemicals for the wet-end production process. BioMax BP also positively influences the characteristics of finished leather, especially its color intensity

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