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Sulphirol WS

Lanoline based fatliquor

SULPHIROL WS is used together with other fat liquors. A combination with POLYOL AK gives a very round and full leather and is suitable for classic upper types. For softer uppers 1-4% SULPHIROL WS is best mixed with SULPHIROL EG 60, SYNTHOL SL 335 or SYNTHOL WP. The inclusion of 2-4% SULPHIROL WS gives suede’s and nubuck a pronounced writing effect. SULPHIROL WS can be used as a handle modifier for garment leathers when 1-2% are used during fatliquoring.


SULPHIROL WS has a strong softening effect and gives the leather the typical warm and spongy feel of a lanoline product. SULPHIROL WS lubricates the grain and keeps it elastic and soft. SULPHIROL WS softens the grain of heavily retanned leathers and reduces the risk of grain crack. A spongy fullness is obtained by SULPHIROL WS. SULPHIROL WS has a warm and waxy handle. SULPHIROL WS gives nubuck and suede leathers a pronounced writing effect without any fattiness.

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