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Sulphirol AF 300

Sulphirol AF 300

A low fogging fatliquoring agent for automotive leathers and nappas

The leather chemical SULPHIROL AF 300 is a low fogging fatliquoring agent for automotive leathers and nappas. This Smit & zoon product can be used as a single fatliquor or can be combined with other suitable oils, depending on the articles made. Advised applications include: rechroming, neutralization, retanning (as a pre-fatliquor) or as a a single fatliquor.


Sulphirol AF 300 is a sulphited blend of natural and synthetic oils with softness properties comparable to those of fatliquors based on marine oils. Leathers have a full and round handle. Even after prolonged milling the leathers have a fine and uniform milling grain. Sulphirol AF 300 renders leathers with - very low fogging and emission values - neutral odour - very good heat yellowing properties

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