High-performing, sustainable wet end solutions

Smit offers high-performing and sustainable wet end solutions for all leather applications. Discover our portfolio of retanning agents, fatliquors and more.

Let’s create sustainable leather, together

Our portfolio covers almost all wet end production stages. Smit manufactures and markets a full range of fatliquors and re-tanning agents, from traditional to next-generation sustainable solutions for the leather processing industry. It is our desire to inspire and engage all stakeholders within the leather industry to overcome environmental and social challenges without compromising the end product: high-quality leather.

Are you looking for wet end solutions for footwear, upholstery or other leather goods?

Smit is committed to continue to develop new products and solutions throughout our product offering as each drop makes a difference.

Low bisphenol retanning solutions

Discover our special range of wet end solutions optimized on bisphenol for high quality leather. We offer syntans with low bisphenol values and introduce BioTan XP 01L, an innovative retanning agent with no detectable bisphenol.

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From our awareness about the importance of a responsible leather industry around the world, Royal Smit & Zoon wants to stress the need for sustainable alternatives in the entire supply chain.

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A family of innovation

We continuously innovate by implementing the best available technologies to develop leather processing chemicals. We support tanneries all over the world to deliver the consumers the products of their desire, today as well as tomorrow.

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Our partnerships

We believe that partnerships and collaborations are key to catalyze the process to create a socially and environmentally sustainable leather value chain.

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