BioTan XP 01L

Bio-based phenolic retanning agent with no detectable bisphenol

Bio-based phenolic retanning agent with no detectable bisphenol


  • Softness: BioTan XP 01L gives a medium-soft and round handle
  • Grain tightness: Including BioTan XP 01L in the retanning gives a fine and smooth grain
  • Color: Ideally usage for leather in classical shades


The future of retanning is now

Imagine retanning of the future; low emissions, bio-based ingredients and free of bisphenol and formaldehyde. With the power of a traditional phenolic retanning agent and no compromise on the performance, fullness and softness of the leather. Dear tanner, that future is now with BioTan XP 01L. 

An innovative bio-based retanning agent that is produced by patented technology. It’s not a blend and not a filler. It is your next step in meeting the demand for low emissions and to build further towards a sustainable way of leather making.



  • Tanning power, no filler 
  • No detectable bisphenol
  • Free of formaldehyde 
  • Bio-based ingredients
  • Very low emission values

BioTan XP 01L is the first patented wet end solution for Smit and part of Smit’s Renewability range and the Low bisphenol range

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Part of Smit’s Renewability range

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