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Fatliquors by Smit

Smit manufactures and markets a full range of fatliquors, from traditional to next-generation sustainable solutions. It is our desire to inspire and engage all stakeholders within the leather industry to overcome environmental and social challenges without compromising the end product: high-quality leather.

We have become one of the market leaders by focusing on innovation, and specializing in the development, production and application of fatliquors and other wet end solutions.

For footwear, automotive, furniture and more

Every hide, every application requires a different type of fatliquor, depending on the softness, fullness and desired handle of the finished leather. Our portfolio of fatliquors covers all applications and markets. From shoes, leather accessories and garments to automotive, furniture and waterproof leather.

Especially for outdoor leather, we recommend our waterproofing fatliquor: Aguastop PS 210. Thanks to its innovative chemistry, Aguastop PS 210 allows to make a reliable, modern, simplified process and achieve high water-resistant levels.

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Bio-based solutions

We promote the use of leather chemicals based on bio-based ingredients. We have launched a special range of bio-based fatliqours that are aimed at replacing fossil-based raw materials by bio-based alternatives. The final goal is to create leather chemicals which are completely based on renewable origins.

Our renewable fatliquors provide excellent leather performance, provide easy handling during the leather making process and can be processed efficiently in the effluent treatment with a minimal environmental footprint.

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Synthol fatliquors

Our product portfolio contains a wide range of synthetic high performance fatliquors, called Synthol. This performance range can be used to reach state of the art waterproof, high heat yellowing, super soft and fogging optimized leathers and they can be applied in multiple stages of the wet end process.

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Sulphirol fatliquors

Smit has more than 50 years of experience in the sulphitation of natural oils and the supply of high quality sulphited fatliquors throughout the leather industry. Our product are best in class and offer state of the art leather softness by penetrating deep into the leather fibre structure. Due to their overall good emulsion stability, these products can be applied in multiple stages of the fatliquoring process.

Since the base of these oils are natural oils, they contain very high levels of bio-based carbon (C14, close to 100%) and have a high renewability. The Sulphirol range is an excellent choice when it comes to making your leather more sustainable.

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Fatliquors play a critical role in the leather tanning process and are essential for producing high-quality, durable leather products. Our experts can assist you and provide technical support in selecting the right fatliquor for the desired results and applications.

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