Safetan, retanning free of formaldehyde

Innovative, high quality and safe retanning

With our Safetan range offer the opportunity to produce top quality leather that meets all applicable requirements and restrictions. If you are looking for reducing the risk of rejections of final leather articles and your customer demand products which are produced without formaldehyde or Restricted Substance Lists-chemicals, we have the solution for you.

The Safetan range consists of products that exceed the latest standards concerning free monomers (such as formaldehyde, phenol) and all restricted substance chemicals that are mentioned in restricted substance or RSL lists.

The Safetan products enable to produce high quality leather close to zero ppm free formaldehyde. This way, tanners can now create an added value for their customers as well as for consumers by making safe, high-quality leathers with less rejections of leathers or final articles.

Safetan range

The Safetan products that are most suitable for the production of top quality leather in luxury articles, such as shoes, car seats, and couches include Safetan DD 001, Safetan MM 002, and Safetan MW 005.

For bag leather and furniture upholstery Safetan BB 003 and Safetan DD 001 are recommended

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Safetan philosophy

Smit wants to be a reliable and valuable partner for tanneries and their customers. We have the ambition to supply answers to increasing challenges that tanners are facing. One of these challenges is meeting the ever increasing requirements in the field of product safety. Meeting these challenges while using existing chemicals often looks like a balancing act around the edges of safety and health requirements. The risk of producing off spec leathers is considerable.

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