Smit Wet-end develops, manufactures and markets a full range of fatliquors and retanning agents for the leather processing industry.

Professionalism, passion and know-how are leading values in our company. These qualities support us in the search for innovative and sustainable techniques for the most demanding customers and fuel our commitment to improve and reach new goals.

Smit Wet-end serves clients in various industries, including automotive, fashion, garments and upholstery. With our own sales network, Smit Wet-end reaches all continents, establishing ourselves as a major player in the field of wet-end performance chemicals.

Smit has a 100% focus on leather, which distinguishes our company from our competitors. This means that we can excel in this knowledge area, both in terms of operational excellence and of product leadership and customer intimacy.

We love leather because it’s a very beautiful and natural material. For that reason, Smit is optimistic about the future of leather, knowing that we have to keep looking for improvements in the field of sustainability and environmental protection.

Our dedicated experts ensure you have exactly the wet-end performance chemicals you need in your leather manufacturing process.

Research & Development

Adding value for our customers. It is the daily drive for the Smit & Zoon team members to find solutions and really add value for our customers.

That is why we work with the best people available in the leather industry. The key is close co-operation between our chemists, leather technicians, institutes, strategic raw material suppliers, production people and customers to develop the best added value for our customers and the leather consumers.

Having our own R&D, physical testing center and working with the latest equipment, certainly supports innovation.

SAFETAN™ is a good example of a innovation consisting of a range of new re-tanning agents meeting strict RSL’s and making it possible to produce high quality leathers close to zero ppm free formaldehyde.

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