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Retanning agents by Smit

With our retanning agents we offer the opportunity to produce top quality leather that meets all applicable requirements and restrictions. Smit manufactures and markets a full range of retanning agents, from traditional to next-generation sustainable solutions.

We have become one of the market leaders by focusing on innovation, and specializing in the development, production and application of retanning agents and other wet end solutions.

For shoes, car seats, luxury items, furniture and more

Every hide, every application requires a different type of retanning agent, depending on the desired grain tightness, fullness and roundness of the finished leather. Our portfolio of retanning agents covers all applications and markets. From shoes, leather accessories and garments to automotive, furniture and waterproof leather.

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The Safetan range consists of retanning agents that exceed the latest standards concerning free monomers (such as formaldehyde, phenol) and all restricted substance chemicals that are mentioned in restricted substance or RSL lists.

The Safetan products enable to produce high quality leathers close to zero ppm free formaldehyde. This way, tanners can now create an added value for their customers as well as for consumers by making safe, high-quality leathers with less rejections of leathers or final articles.

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The Optitan range offers newly developed products, which are designed for optimized application results. It consists of phenolic/disulphonic-condensate-based products, with the highest possible content of active ingredients. Offering state-of the art performance on emissions, heat yellowing and light fastness. This way, Optitan improves product efficiency and thereby minimizes the cost per hide in retanning and the environmental impact.

Additionally it enables and optimized retanning results. It’s a genuine win-win-win situation!

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Bio-based solutions

We promote the use of leather chemicals based on bio-based ingredients. We have launched a special range of bio-based retanning agents that are aimed at replacing fossil-based raw materials by bio-based alternatives. The final goal is to create leather chemicals which are completely based on renewable origins.

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Retanning agents play a critical role in the leather tanning process and are essential for producing high-quality, durable leather products. Our experts can assist you and provide technical support in selecting the right product for the desired results and applications.

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