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Introducing Optitan, the premium retanning range

The Optitan range offers newly developed products, which are designed for optimized application results. It consists of phenolic/disulphonic-condensate-based products, with the highest possible content of active ingredients. Offering state-of the art performance on emissions, heat yellowing and light fastness. This way, Optitan improves product efficiency and thereby minimizes the cost per hide in retanning and the environmental impact. Additionally it enables and optimized retanning results. It’s a genuine win-win-win situation!

The introduction of the Optitan retanning range is part of Smit&Zoon’s effort to make the leather value chain more sustainable, together with you. This includes offering you high concentrated products, which are more sustainable alternatives to existing retanning agents, while possibly lowering the cost per hide.

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Minimize cost per hide

Due to their optimized performance and high active content, Optitan retanning agents enable a reduction in application dosage (%). The reduction in application dosage (%) leads to a reduction in the cost spent per hide and decreases environmental impact, by benefiting from:

  • Improved transport efficiency: optimized use of space per container and more efficiently loaded trucks
  • Reduced stock: you need less product to achieve similar results
  • Less bags to be handled
  • Less packaging needed: less plastic waste

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Minimize environmental impact

The new Optitan retanning agents are more sustainable, thanks to their application efficiency. The amount of leather chemicals ending up in waste water, instead of in the crust, is significantly reduced. This leads to a more sustainable retanning practice. As both customers and regulations are demanding more responsible ways of producing leather, now is the time to switch to Optitan!

With Optitan retanning agents, the levels of COD, salinity, electric conductivity and free monomers in waste water will all reduce significantly, as well as a decreased amount of Total Dispended Solids. This leads to less pressure on the environment, and lower costs of effluent treatment. Furthermore, Optitan emissions all fulfil the latest requirements. For all of the products in the range, free formaldehyde is <20ppm and free phenol <150ppm.

Minimize the environmental impact of your retanning process with Optitan!

A internal Case study was performed on 6 different Retanning recipes for Wet-blue (Shoe Nappa leathers) and Wet-white (Automotive upholstery leathers).
The following % reductions in the effluent has been found while using the Optitan TD 626 and XD 828 and in combination against market standard Syntans.

Optimize leather performance

The Optitan range combines minimized cost per hide and reduced environmental impact with state-of-the-art leather performance in terms of tightness, softness, fullness, dyeing, heat yellowing and light fastness profiles.


The Optitan retanning range

Minimize your cost per hide and environmental impact and optimize your leather performance with the following products from the Optitan retanning range:

  • SD 525
  • TD 626
  • VD 727
  • XD 828

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