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Aguastop PS 210

Waterproofing fatliquor

AGUASTOP PS 210 is a synthetic polymer-based hydrophobing fat liquor, developed for the production of high specification waterproof leather. AGUASTOP PS 210 gives waterproof leather a soft and excellent handle and touch.


High level of waterproofness, soft to very soft, medium grain tightness. Light fastness and heat yellowing good.

For a thorough and complete (through cross-section) neutralization the pH is recommended at >4.8 to 5.4; where up to 6.5 pH can be fine for the penetration and more even leathers. AGUASTOP PS 210 is ideally suited for a one float waterproof process and 6-8% use in total. Additionally, a 0,5-1,0% on the top will improve to a nice handle.

AGUASTOP PS 210 is well suited for the manufacturing of washable leather, where softness and handle is retained even after several washing cycles.

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