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Synthol LA 915

Synthol LA 915

Concentrated lanoline based fatliquor

The leather chemical Synthol LA 915 is a concentrated lanoline based fatliquor. Suitable applications include: bag leather, shoe upper, garment, automotive, upholstery and suede.


Synthol LA 915 reduces the water absorption and equalizes the degree of water penetration. Synthol LA 915 demonstrates a high and uniform degree of inner lubrication. It adds the “finishing touch” to the leathers roundness of handle. Synthol LA 915 adds notable fullness to any fatliquor combination. Synthol LA 915 has a warm and waxy handle. Synthol LA 915gives nubuck and suede leathers a pronounced writing effect without any fattiness. Synthol LA 915 lubricates the grain and keeps it elastic and soft. Synthol LA 915 softens the grain of heavily retanned leathers and reduces the risk of grain crack. Synthol LA 915 improves the uniformity of finishing with chrome-free leathers.

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