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Synthol PS 999

Synthetic fatliquor for pickle and chrome tanning bath

Synthol PS 999 – DF

Main synthetic fatliquor for all types of furs

Synthol RW New

Fatliquor for waterproofing

Synthol SF 838

Sulphated fatliquor for soft and tight-grained leathers

Synthol SF 838 – DF

Sulphated fatliquor for all types of sheepskins

Synthol SL 335

Semi-synthetic fatliquor for very tight-grained uppers

Synthol SL 335 – DF

Semi-synthetic fatliquor

Synthol WP

Highly softening fatliquor with light water repellency

Synthol WP – DF

Highly softening fatliquor with water repellence

Synthol YY 707

Special fatliquor blend for extremely soft and light weight leathers