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Syntan AR 767

(Re)tanning agent for chrome free & chrome leathers

Syntan CR 515

A chrome syntan for a mild retannage of soft and tight leathers.

Syntan CR 515 – DF

A chrome syntan for a mild tannage for all types of furs

Syntan DF 585

Retanning and filling agent for all leathers – based on dyciandiamide

Syntan DM 262

UV-resistant retanning and bleaching agent

Syntan FP 124

General purpose filler for hides and skins with a tendency to be loose

Syntan GP

General-purpose retanning agent for fine-grained articles

Syntan HO

Lightfast syntan for nubuck and full grain leather

Syntan LF 187

A versatile retanning and filling agent for a wide range of leathers

Syntan NN 555

Mild neutralizing agent for pH-sensitive wet blue