Polyol HT 820

Highly concentrated fatliquor for soft and automotive leather


POLYOL HT 820 gives exceptional softness and silky touch with very low fogging values and a uniform color to the leather. Polyol HT 820 should be used in combination with other fatliquors or as a single fatliquoring agent. Polyol HT 820 gives softness to the leather and thanks to its low fogging values it is suitable for automotive articles. We suggest to use this product in concentrations 2-6% for bovine garment leathers and up to 10% for automotive leathers.

• Concentrated lecithin fatliquor with a silky touch
• Strong lubricating effect on the leather fibres
• Low fogging values allow it for automotive articles


Part of Smit’s Renewability range: bio-based wet end solutions

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Part of Smit’s Renewability range

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