Safetan BB 003

Innovative formaldehyde free bio based polymers

SAFETAN BB 003 is a formaldehyde free bio based polymers. Suitable applications include: shoe upper, bag leather, upholstery.

Safetan BB 003


Safetan BB 003 is a completely readily biodegradable bio-based retanning agent that is free of RSL chemicals (Restricted Substance List) such as formaldehyde. This enables you to work cleaner and safer without negative effects on the quality of your leather.
Smit & Zoon guarantees that Safetan BB 003 will not contribute to formaldehyde release from leather. Besides this, other advantages are obtained when compared with common resins:
– Safetan BB 003 contributes to a cleaner environment
– Safetan BB 003 results significantly improved tightness
– Safetan BB 003 results in leather with improved fullness
– Safetan BB 003 results in leather with a fine, flat grain

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