Safetan DD 001

Innovative formaldehyde free dicyandiamide resin

The leather chemical Safetan DD 001 is an innovative formaldehyde free dicyandiamide resin that makes a genuine difference compared with common formaldehyde based DCD resins.This leather chemical is designed for the production of top quality leather and luxury articles, amongst others: formaldehyde free shoes, car seats or couches. Suitable applications for this Smit & zoon product include: shoe upper, bag leather, upholstery and automotive leather. Safetan DD 001 is an innovative completely formaldehyde free DCD resin.

Safetan DD 001


Smit & Zoon guarantees that Safetan DD 001 will not contribute to formaldehyde release from leather. Besides this, other advantages are obtained when compared with common formaldehyde based DCD resins:
– results in leather with significantly improved fullness
– results in leather with improved tightness
– works mainly in empty structured areas such as the bellies
– will not contribute to any formaldehyde release from leather
– is free of chemicals that are listed on restricted substance lists

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