Sulphirol EG 60

Multi-purpose fatliquor

SULPHIROL EG 60 is a multi-purpose fatliquor. Suitable applications include: bag leather, shoe upper, garment,
upholstery and double face.

Sulphirol EG 60


Sulphirol EG 60 is a genuine multi-purpose fatliquor which can be used for all articles, from extremely soft garment leathers to uppers. Sulphirol EG 60 fatliquors evenly in all parts of the hide or skin, giving the leathers a very uniform handle in all areas. Sulphirol EG 60 successfully reduces boniness in hardnatured leathers. Sulphirol EG 60 adds fullness and roundness to the crust. Sulphirol EG 60 can be used as a main fatliquor for shoe upper leathers.

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