Syntan BS 353

Retanning agent for white and light-colored leather

SYNTAN BS 353 is used for the retannage of white leathers. Amounts used are 5-10%. To obtain clear and level dyeings, in particular on nubuck, 3-5% SYNTAN BS 353 is used. SYNTAN BS 353 has full self tanning properties and can be used for the production of chrome free leathers.


SYNTAN BS 353 can be used for bleaching wet blue to a high and uniform degree of whiteness. Leathers retanned with SYNTAN BS 353 can be dyed in very clear and level dyeings. SYNTAN BS 353 gives soft and round leathers with a fine grain and good grain tightness. SYNTAN BS 353 has excellent buffing properties. The leathers have a fine short nap.

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