Syntan ZLR 100

An innovative Zeolite based retanning agent

More intense and uniform colours
Syntan ZLR 100 increases the affinity for dyestuffs, ensuring clean, bright and intense colours. It provides an excellent bright buffing and writing effect along with a tight and very flat fine pore grain. In milling articles, Syntan ZLR 100 results in a stronger grain, less elasticity and a better marked pebble grain.

Significant cost reduction
Syntan ZLR 100 ensures a high uptake of all retanning agents, fatliquors and dyes. Thanks to that, fewer chemicals are needed, mainly on the dyeing, resulting in a significant cost reduction. Furthermore, the use of Syntan ZLR 100 significantly increases the cutting yield.

Lower environmental impact
Syntan ZLR 100 contributes to a better bath exhaustion, a better fixation of all applied anionic chemicals and, consequently to a reduction of the negative environmental impact of the crusting process. Residual floats are clear and have significantly lower values of mineral content, COD, BOD, (organic) nitrogen and TDS.

Used as a mineral retanning agent, Syntan ZLR 100 is suitable for the retannage of all kind of leather articles e.g.: shoe upper grain; shoe upper waterproof; shoe upper splits; furniture upholstery; automotive upholstery; hand bags. It is an excellent choice for white and lightfast articles and can be used in automotive upholstery with no negative effect on fogging values.

Syntan ZLR 100


Syntan ZLR 100 increases the affinity for dyestuffs and
ensures level and full shades. Clean, bright and intense colours
are obtained.

white: Syntan ZLR 100 application results in a very clean and bright

grain: Syntan ZLR 100 provides a tight and very flat grain with a
fine pore. In milling articles, it results in a stronger grain, less
elasticity and a better marked pebble.

buffing: An excellent bright buffing and writing effect and highly brilliant
colours are obtained when Syntan ZLR 100 is applied.

Excellent bath exhaustion, with very clean residual waters and
low COD values. Mineral content in residual waters and leather
extractable minerals are significantly low when compared with
other mineral retanning agent applications.

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