Synthol CH 777

Light-weight ultrasoft fatliquor

The leather chemical Synthol CH 777 can be used as the main fatliquor for garment, upholstery leathers and floater-type articles. Combining it with, particularly, Synthol WP, Synthol FL 327, Polyol HS 818 and Syncotan TL is recommended for obtaining specific handle and properties. Suitable applications include: fatliquoring, garment, upholstery and double face.

Synthol CH 777


Excellent and uniform fiber separation from Synthol CH 777 give the leathers a pronounced round light-weight handle. Synthol CH 777 ensures complete through fatliquoring for obtaining the softest articles. A highly regular and well-defined milling pattern is obtained when Synthol CH 777 is applied as main fatliquor. Synthol CH 777 promotes even buffing and yields leather with a silky and warm nap.

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