Synthol CP 996

Fatliquor for pickle, chrome tannage and wet white process

The leather chemical Synthol CP 996 is a fatliquor for pickle, chrome tannage and wet white process. Suitable applications include: automotive, furniture, shoe upper, garment and double face.

Synthol CP 996


Synthol CP 996 increases the softness moderately. The grain tightness is not negatively affected. Synthol CP 996 effectively distributes natural grease and promotes an even penetration of the tanning agents. Pre-fatliquoring with Synthol CP 996 results in wet blue and wet white material with – very low fogging and emission values – neutral smell – improved tear strength – very good heat yellowing properties. Excellent lubrication of the fibers for reduced friction between the hides and between hides and drum walls. No negative effect to the basification, no formation of foam and an improved sammying effect. Synthol CP 996 decelerates drying-out of wet blue and wet white material and facilitates the rewetting of dried-out material.

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