Synthol GS 606

Fibre relaxing polymer softener for flat grained leathers

The leather chemical Synthol GS 606 is a fibre relaxing polymer softener for flat grained leathers. Suitable applications include: shoe nappa, cow upholstery, buffalo upholstery, garment, chrome free, lining.

Synthol GS 606


Synthol GS 606 is easily combined with regular fatliquors to obtain specific types of leather. Synthol GS 606 does emulsify well at low temperatures. It does exhaust well even when applied in cold floats. Due to its polymer chemistry Synthol GS 606 is suitable for a wide range of articles . Synthol GS 606 results in flat grained leathers. Synthol GS 606 reduces fibre tension of the leather fibers and relaxes the leather. Leathers have a wrinkle-free appearance.

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