Synthol PF 991

Universal pickle, tanning and retanning fatliquor

The leather chemical Synthol PF 991 is a universal pickle, tanning and retanning fatliquor. Suitable applications include: automotive upholstery, furniture upholstery, shoe upper, garment and double face.

Synthol PF 991


Its electrolyte resistance makes Synthol PF 991 eminently
suitable for application during pickling, tanning and retanning.
Synthol PF 991 reduces friction during processing.
Synthol PF 991 has high emulsifying properties and
effectively distributes natural grease while limiting the risk of
fatty spews. It promotes an even penetration of the chrome
tanning agent.
During sammying water is removed more easily and uniformly
with Synthol PF 991 applied. Wet-blue fatliquored with
Synthol PF 991 has a low tendency to dry out on the edges.
Synthol PF 991 has excellent fogging, light fastness and
heat resistance.

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