Synthol PS 999

Synthetic fatliquor for pickle and chrome tanning bath

The leather chemical Synthol PS 999 is a synthetic fatliquor for pickle and chrome tanning bath. Suitable applications include: upholstery, garment and double face.

Synthol PS 999


An addition of Synthol PS 999 in pickle or tanning bath greatly improves the softness and the uptake of the main fatliquors. Synthol PS 999 gives a round handle and waxy grip. Synthol PS 999 effectively distributes natural grease and
promotes an even penetration of the chrome tanning agent. Synthol PS 999 increases speed and improves uniformity of wetting back of wet blue stock.
Fatliquoring during tanning and rechroming with SYNTHOL PS 999 gives excellent handle and fullness to the fur

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