Synthol RW New

Fatliquor for waterproofing

The leather chemical Synthol RW New is a fatliquor for waterproofing. Suitable applications include bag leather and shoe upper.

Synthol RW New


Synthol RW New adds genuine body and roundness to the
leather. Synthol RW New gives the leather a medium soft handle and good grain tightness. Good waterproofing effect is achieved when Synthol RW New is used as a single fatliquoring agent and a final treatment with metal salts is given.
The strong fiber binding of Synthol RW New makes it suitable for the production of washable articles.

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Water resistant portfolio

This product is part of our Water resistant portfolio. With our product portfolio of water resistant chemicals for retanning, wet end and finishing stages we offer a complete range to optimize your waterproof leather recipe.

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