Synthol SL 335

Semi-synthetic fatliquor for very tight-grained uppers

The leather chemical Synthol SL 335 is a semi-synthetic fatliquor for very tight-grained uppers. Suitable applications include shoe upper and bag leather.

Synthol SL 335


Even when high quantities of Synthol SL 335 are applied the
grain remains tight. Synthol SL 335 does not lighten the colour of the crust.
Synthol SL 335 gives medium fullness to the leather. Medium soft to soft leather can be made with Synthol SL 335.
Synthol SL 335 gives the leather a dry handle. Very fine and flat grain is a pronounced property of Synthol SL 335.
Synthol SL 335 is used for the production of burnished articles.

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