Synthol YZ 717

Special fatliquor blend for leathers with a fluffy fullness and good inner softness

SYNTHOL YZ 717 can be used as a single fatliquor for garment or upholstery leathers, but combinations with SYNTHOL WP, SYNTHOL FL 327, POLYOL HS 818 and SYNCOTAN TL are common to obtain the specific required feel of the leather. For example: SYNTHOL YZ 717 is used in quantities of 1-3% in milling nappas.

Syntan RS 3


SYNTHOL YZ 717 gives an exceptional deep inner softness. SYNTHOL YZ 717 reacts with the fibers instead of merely depositing between them. Besides softening, SYNTHOL YZ 717 gives the leather a remarkable enhanced fullness and fluffy handle. The complete relaxation of the fibers through the cross-sectioncauses the excellent milling properties of SYNTHOL YZ 717.

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