Smit & zoon launches ‘Product Passport’

Product Passport supports tanneries in reducing their environmental footprint
May 30, 2017 – Smit & zoon just announced the commercial launch of the ‘Smit & zoon Product Passport’; an easy to use overview with data on the performance of Smit & zoon’s wet-end chemicals on both leather and on the environment.
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Smit & zoon launches SYNTAN ZLR 100: an innovative Zeolite based retanning agent

Weesp, The Netherlands, April 21, 2017 –Smit & zoon just announced the commercial launch of SYNTAN ZLR 100, the newest evolution of its retanning agent portfolio.
SYNTAN ZLR 100 is an innovative, chrome free, cationic retanning agent, based on the mineral zeolite.

Smit & zoon publishes CSR Report

April 11, 2017 –Smit & zoon today announced the publication of its annual CSR Report highlighting Smit & zoon’s environmental and social performance for 2016.
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Smit & zoon Nanjing opens R & D centre

28 Feb. 2017 - In February 2017, the Smit (Nanjing) R&D centre was officially opened.
The centre is equipped with the latest lab equipment.
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Syntan SG - a strong filling retanning agent

17 April 2017 - SYNTAN SG is a phenol based retanning agent that gives a balanced fullness and softness to your skins or hides.
As SYNTAN SG does not harden the grain, the product can be used when tightness, before and after milling, is essential. SYNTAN SG reduces the visibility of the leather’s natural differences by improving the fineness of the grain.

New agent in Argentina

20 April 2017 - Smit & zoon has appointed Quimargen SRL as new agency for Argentina and Uruguay.
Quimargen is – very similar to Smit & zoon - a family business.
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