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Syntan SM

General-purpose retanning agent for medium-soft leathers

Sulphirol FL 328

70% biobased softener agent

Synthol EM 336

Synthetic Fatliquor for Pickle and Chrome Tanning

Lipidol DA 112 – DF

Eco-friendly and biodegradable degreasing- and washing agent

Lipidol DA 112

Eco-friendly and biodegradable degreasing agent

Polyol AK

Fatliquor for very full and tight-grained upper leather

Polyol AK- DF

Sulphated fatliquor

Polyol CT 688

Fatliquor for steering wheel and trim leathers

Polyol HS 818

Pourable lecithin-based fatliquor for all very soft articles

Polyol LT 303

Lecithin-based fatliquor for garment and upholstery leathers