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    104 solutions found

    Syntan SL 868

    (Pre-)tanning & retanning agent for chrome & chrome free leathers

    Syntan SMA 678

    Strongly grain tightening styrene maleic resin

    Syntan VP 223

    Pretanning agent for chrome free, low chrome, chrome & tara free and vegetable l

    Syntan ZLR 100

    An innovative Zeolite based retanning agent

    Synthol AC

    General purpose blend for medium soft leathers

    Synthol CH 777

    Light-weight ultrasoft fatliquor

    Synthol CL 788

    Fully synthetic fatliquor particulary for chrome free leathers

    Synthol CP 996

    Fatliquor for pickle, chrome tannage and wet white process

    Synthol CP 996 – DF

    Pickle fatliquor for all types of furs

    Synthol CS 588

    Fatliquor for automotive leathers

    Synthol DS 600

    Waterproofing fatliquor for the highest requirements

    Synthol DT

    Fatliquor for very soft articles, particularly garment leathers

    Synthol DT – DF

    Synthetic fatliquor

    Synthol EW 321

    Waterproofing fatliquor for the highest requirements

    Synthol FL 327

    Polymeric softening agent

    Synthol GS 606

    Fibre relaxing polymer softener for flat grained leathers

    Synthol GS 606 – DF

    Phosphated polymer softener for all types of sheepskins

    Synthol GT 616

    Fibre relaxing special softener for ultra soft leathers

    Synthol LA 915

    Concentrated lanoline based fatliquor

    Synthol LC

    Lecithin-containing blend for soft and tight uppers and nappas